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Seoul, South Korea
An AU Roleplay Community
[MOD post] Few points 
4th-Feb-2008 07:41 pm

Alright, now that this RP is reeeaally getting on a roll! (I am so excited! Let's keep it up!) I have a few things to point out!

1. Everyone make sure everyone is added to your muse journals, INCLUDING 

atobekazuki! Manju is our main journal check moderator. ALSO, ADD EVERYONE ON THE MEMBER CONTACT LIST, SO YOU CAN ROLEPLAY WITH EVERYONE. There are a ton of us here, and it's not my responsibility to introduce you all.
     -That said; she and I will be doing journal checks every week, but the days will be randomized and we won't be telling you guys when they'll happen. Since we don't post logs here, journal checks are our way to making sure that everyone is keeping up with the rolleplay.
     - How much should you update your journal? Once a week, at least. It doesn't have to be something intricate, but something that indicates you are roleplaying with OTHER PLAYERS, not yourself.
                    - If you haven't updated your journal in a week, you'll recieve a warning, if you continue to not update, we'll eventually take your muse off the list - this will happen after 3-4 weeks of inactivity. If you are unable to post due to computer problems, lack of computer or need to go on hiatus, notify myself, atobekazuki saki_azuki or post an OOC post in the community.

2. Posting in your journal:
     - When an entry has a livejournal cut titld PRIVATE that means that your muse/character CANNOT READ IT, unless otherwise dictated by the players in the roleplay. Posting a PRIVATE entry publically is for typist's knowledge more than anything. It is IMPERATIVE that you do not play any PRIVATE information into your roleplay, unless your muse/character has been notified.
     - All entries must be friends locked.
- Again, post at least once a week, after three weeks of unannounced absence, you will lose your muse.

Any questions, suggestions? Please post them here!

Thank you guys for making this grow so well! (Whoo! Suju!) If you know other people interested, encourage them to join!

YunHo, Se7en, Bi


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